Meet Our Team



Bob founded RC Laser Weld in 2005. Always having an active interest in laser welding, he carries a lot of experience with laser welding applications as a mold maker. Bob feels it is critical to utilize his 40 years of experience with tooling and injection molds and approaches each job with understanding of what the finished product needs to be. He loves spending time with his grandchildren and his loving friends & family.



Matt has been in the tool & die industry for 25 years. He started laser welding in 2004 and has an extensive molding background. He started at RC Laser Weld in 2012 and his strengths include his precise craftsmanship and vast knowledge in tool & die because he brings so much to the table here at RC Laser Weld. In his free time he enjoys camping with his kids, Jax & Matti. 


RC Laser Weld Inc. is a privately owned and operated business by founder and owner Bob Ringenberg located in Grandville, Michigan.

In 2005, Bob started RC Laser Weld Inc. to provide laser welding service to the mold making and tool and die industries as an experienced tool/mold maker that laser welds. Bob felt it is critical to utilize his 40 + years of experience with tooling and injection molds to apply that experience to laser welding. He has been a part of the manufacturing process for new tool builds and repair along with working with engineers with part and tool design, engineering changes, processing and product development. 

He felt the approach to laser welding needs to be one  that you weld with the understanding what you are welding on and what the finished product needs to be. Having the ability to communicate well with customers in manufacturing is key as well. Asking the appropriate questions, offering suggestions and providing solutions to produce satisfactory results.

The business has grown over time as a service to the Medical device manufacturing, Medical prototype / experimental manufacturing, piece part manufacturing and fabrication fields as well. RC Laser weld currently has 3 employees, 3 state of the art laser welders and is actively pursuing additional business.